If you are a fan of the NFL or the National Football League of the US, then you’ve probably come across the name Tom Brady. Tom Brady is among the most popular as well as highest-paid football players in the NFL since 2020. He is a recognizable quarterback known for his exemplary skills and tactics on the field. He has been in the sport for 22 years and is still raring to go for more. What’s noteworthy about Tom is his impressive net worth which far outperforms other highly paid athletes. If you want to know about his net worth, as well as his other achievements, engagements, and businesses that made him simply wealthy then this article is right for you. Here’s what you need to know about Tom Brady.

He is probably the most decorated NFL player to date with 7 Super Bowl rings coming from his current team Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his previous team New England Patriots.

Tom Brady Off the field

Off the field, Tom is still as productive just as on the field. Because of his popularity in sports, Tom was featured in countless TV programs and shows, as well as appeared and voiced on several shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Entourage, and many others. Although he only spent a momentary exposure to the camera, he immediately gained a considerable amount of pay by doing so.

Furthermore, he also models for popular brands and labels such as Uggs, Aston Martin, Stetson cologne, Glaceau Smartwear, and many others. Having to endorse these products earned him a profit of $7 million as estimated by Forbes in 2014. Also, he endorsed a campaign for Simmons Bedding Company in 2016 which earned him more popularity, and he also began his very own vegan snack brand during the same year.

He also launched his site TB12Sports.com in 2016 which features a proven and effective training regimen for people who want to stay fit and healthy. After the launch, products and merchandise for TB12 have become widespread in demand which made him even more money. This business continued to grow to the point that it had to expand and even gave birth to the TB12 Foundation that delivers post-injury rehab and training to athletes who are financially incapable – without charge.

What is the net worth of Tom Brady?

To be upfront, tom brady net worth that amounts to $250 million according to the research and statistics of Celebrity Net Worth. While the numbers are already quite impressive and magnanimous on their own, it is clouded by the net worth of Tom’s wife – Gisele Bundchen. Tom’s wife Gisele, is a well-known supermodel that became an entrepreneur, and her estimated net worth is $400. Although Tom may seem to be overpowered when it comes to net worth, the potential to raise his net worth even higher than his wife is quite possible because of his growth potential not only in football but also in the businesses and extracurricular activities he has chosen.