I would look for you know good manufacturing process I would look for you know whatever you can find in terms of their quality control before you just buy some product on amazon or anything like that so I would research you know companies and make sure that they have good manufacturing product okay Terpenes for sale great I’ll turn it to Megan I think she's been looking at the question sure yes so here's a question if I have understood correctly thc is also beneficial for patients with epilepsy not only CBD is this right so again most of the work has been done with CBD thc does have some anti-epileptic properties but I don't think it's as it's not as well studied as CBD.

So now again going back to the treatment you know what is actually approved for use is cbd and that is only for children with epilepsy so at this point there is no indication for using cannabis to treat adults for example with epilepsy, okay another question in a small percentage of people I have read that cbd can increase the anxiety it is if this is one of the possible side effects could Live resin Terpenes you talk about that yeah so again about five or ten percent of people are really like hypersensitive to cbd and so if they're using cbd for anxiety and that happens again some people will add a little bit of thc and see if that helps them and again pointing out that cannabis medicine is it is challenging because how it works for one person isn't how it works for another person and for someone for a particular patient.

Who has anxiety cbd can be extremely helpful and for another patient it either does nothing or they don't like it so it's this wide variety of effects that you can see and it all comes down to like how how does your body metabolize it like what's happening in your own individual body and and the effects that you see from using cannabis sure here's a question can you schedule an appointment with doctors at mayo clinic if you're interested in starting you can so so our you know again there are doctors at mayo that are that will certify patients for cannabis in the state of minnesota so again this is a state-by-state deal so if you are in arizona or florida there are physicians in those states also that can certify you through Buy Terpenes the state program for example in our practice you know many of the oncologists will certify our patients for medical cannabis my particular practice is in brain tumors and also in the integrative medicine field so many of the integrative doctors are also involved in this so so not every doctor will is is knowledgeable not every doctor you know anywhere really has gone through training so you kind of have to ask around and find physicians that can certify you in your given state there's a couple questions that are geared to a specific symptom or disease entity.