Most of the time, the motivation behind why Google Chrome is not stacking pages is very likely due to poor system status, whether on Android, iPhone or Windows.

Google Chrome Not Working

Section 1:

Google Chrome does not work Pages in Mobile.

The majority of clients who have continued to find themselves in such a cerebral pain are using an Android, Samsung or iPhone X / 8/7/6. After all, in contrast to Windows and Mac, it is easier to solve this problem in cell phones. Currently, to have some additional information, we should kick.

Change the properties of the Google Chrome browser

Here and there, you must open your Google Chrome, whose image has a Windows security shield mark, by selecting Run as administrator. In the remote possibility that the Chrome program will not run when you double-tap the Google Chrome Not Working image in the Windows work area, you can change the properties of the reinforcement approach to go or the default .exe log to run as Administrator.

1. Right click on the Chrome image.

2. Select Properties.

3. Choose the compatibility tab.

4. Adjust the capture Change the configuration for all clients.

5. Uncheck the Run this program in similarity mode in compatibility mode.

6. Verify Run this program as a supervisor in the Configuration.

7. Apply under pressure.

8. Snap OK.

9. Click OK to close the Google Chrome properties box.

Send your Chrome to check if the Chrome problem that does not open continues. Is the Chrome program still not working? Continue the inspection.

Fore Stop Chrome and Reboot Android/iPhone

The alarming drawbacks are usually caused by an impermanent failure, which is feasible with a new restart.

Android customers can stop Google Chrome through "Settings"> "Applications"> "Chrome"> "Power Stop" and then reboot the device.

IOS clients can restart the iPhone / iPad by pressing and holding the "Start" and "Awaken / Sleep" buttons together. The moment the screen goes dark, start the gadget after a few minutes.

To understand if this is a problem with the site page or with Chrome, try opening the page in another program. For example, try using Firefox or Safari to stack the page.

If it works in another program, try the systems below:

Uninstall and reinstall Chrome. There might be a type of problem with your Chrome profile that is causing problems. Uninstall Chrome and make a point to check the compartment to eradicate by taking a look at the data. Then reinstall Chrome.

Uninstall and reinstall growths. One of your Chrome updates could be causing a problem. Uninstall all the developments, then join them one by one.

Solve organization problems and report site problems.

In case the page is not stacked in another program, it could be a problem with your framework or the site itself.

In any case, try restarting the modem and the switch.

In case this does not work, contact the owner of the site page and let them know that you have had problems stacking the website page.

Solve problems if Chrome does not open in any way.

Check if Chrome is currently open


Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Snap Task boss?

Under "Procedures," inspect "Google Chrome."

Adjust it, by then, press the final process.

Change your antivirus and look for malware

It is possible that the programming of your antivirus or the amazing malware is protecting Chrome from being opened.

To fix it, check if Chrome was weakened by antivirus or another programming on your PC.

Next, understand how to rule out unsafe efforts and square equivalents so they do not show up later.