NBA 2K22 is, at its launch, a slower video game than NBA 2K21 because of the strategy used to 2K22 MT handle stamina loss. If you've played the game last year you're likely used to spamming dribble moves at in the middle of the court to open your hands open for a triple. If you tried to rim run with athletes who are fast and athletic and are used to breaking out of the break and cutting through defenses.

When playing NBA 2K22, if you push the sprint button or perform a number of dribble moves, you fitness levels will begin to fall off an cliff. This wasn't as major as it was last year since you were able to perform well even when you're tired. In 2K22 the shot meter of your shots will shrink as your stamina decreases and your release slows. This makes it difficult to hit shots and provides your opponent an additional possibility to compete.

We suggest to slow down. With stamina, shooting can be quite a lot more comfortable this year. Make the most of it by playing cautiously and you'll be able to achieve success.

In case you're an off-line player one tip is to take advantage of the advancements in Visual Concepts made to AI assist defense. It was the case that in past times, defenders would attack you off a pick and leave their man wide and free. This made it easier to three hunt from the wings if you had trouble scoring.

In 2K22 there are defenders who don't seem to hit as hard making it possible to play the pick-and-roll game which feels more like an NBA game. In the end, it's about being aware of the defense and 2K22 mt buy making the correct decision. If you request your center to set a pick and the player you're calling for shifts to you, throw it over to the big guy and let him battle the smaller player. If they don't switch congratulations on your new lane. Make it to the bucket, and make a layup, or you'll be fouled.