Must-Read Finance Books for Students

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  1. Best Introduction to Investing: Investing 101

There aren't many investment books that look good enough to keep on your coffee table, but Michele Cagan's "Investing 101" is one of them. Readers will find a well-written introduction to investing between the covers of this book.

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This book, like the rest of the 101 series, is part manual and part textbook. It won't tell you how to beat the market, but it will teach you how to understand how different financial vehicles work. You will also know about the differences between different types of investments, and how to build a well-rounded portfolio for long-term growth.

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  1. Best Overall: The Wealth Choice

Dennis Kimbro's book "The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires" is an excellent read for anyone interested in accumulating wealth. It is both motivating and informative. The page-turning narrative style, combined with his financial knowledge and general life wisdom, will undoubtedly make it a personal finance book that will appeal to a wide audience for many years.

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Kimbro, along with his colleagues, conducted an in-depth study of 1,000 Black millionaires over the course of seven years. They wanted to get to the bottom of how and why certain people, despite their poor beginnings, are able to amass enormous riches.

  1. Best Introduction to Budgeting: Easy Money

"Easy Money," written by Gail Vaz-Oxlade of the Canadian personal finance TV show "Til Debt Do Us Part," is a fantastic book. In this short guide, Vaz Oxlade's direct writing style and years as a personal finance educator shine through. She directs readers on how to budget and what to include in a budget.

The best aspect of this book is the timelessness of the budgeting method accessibility and advice. Vaz-well-honed budgeting system requires no apps, no software, and no math or tech skills. On the contrary, other budgeting books insist on endless tracking and optimization. The book is equally applicable to both high- and low-income earners.

Hopefully, you have insight into the finance books that you must go through to enhance your knowledge. And based on the information you acquire, you will definitely be able to write the BFF2401 assessment answers.