So that is basically the 4/5 different styles of pampas grass I have and I wanted to show you guys this Article because I wanted you guys to not feel discouraged if you guys feel like well my pampas grass system look like that or hey how come you don't get a lot of Fallout or how come my pentas grass Pampas Grass Amazon doesn't look full as yours well guys there's different styles of pampas grass so it's okay pampas grass is pampas grass if you have type 1 type 2 type 3 or type 4 the more you put together in a face the prettier they're gonna look so it's okay with whatever pampas grass you have you can totally make it work okay so if you guys do remember the type 1 type 2 type 3 type 4 I'm gonna go ahead and basically name them so you kind of have an idea of the way I decide to do decorate them, okay so I decided to put type 3 out here which is the one that flares out it has like a cleaner look then I put a couple of the typical ones in the front.


So I put 3 of them then I have on this side I have another type 3 and then in the back, I basically put a mix of type 2 and type 1 so I just played around with it I didn't put any of the types for the ones that I got from my florist because they are still opening up so, unfortunately, I couldn't put it together with Magic Decor Pampas Grass by the time I wanted to kind of get an idea how I want my face to look but yeah so this is kind of like what I have in mind for the wedding I put green styrofoam in the bottom to hold it and then I put like a big rock in the back to basically hold the pampas grass from like moving or going forward and this particular base does have a stand which I'm gonna go ahead and put on top of so this is gonna be kind of like the style that I want when I'm walking down the ceremony so this is very cute.


  So here is an idea guys of how you can basically put the Pampas to grab together and basically decorate it for you know if you want to have like a really pretty centerpiece at home this is a really great way to decorate the pampas grass so here is another idea of how you can decorate your prime miss grass if you get this really pretty like the last kind of like shape I think this is called recycle glass and if you have like a really pretty face that you want to go ahead and put go ahead and grab whichever vase you want to do and what I have here is my pretty-pretty here let me put this down here so you guys can kind of get an idea catalogs so this is the type 3 which has the cleaner look and it frays out.