The White Claw agency has appointed VCCP to be its global creative agency. The company replaces Rothco, which was part of Accenture Interactive. VCCP is headquartered in London with offices in New York, Madrid, Prague, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Singapore. VCCP has previously worked with brands such as Domino's and O2. The agency will take on the global creative campaign brief. It will continue to work with Accenture Interactive on digital transformation. The team behind White Claw is small, innovative and highly specialized. The agency has been successful in the US and UK markets by taking a disruptive approach to marketing. It engages with consumers through 360° and builds brands 'grassroots-up'. The agency's strategic role is to expand outside of the US and expand internationally. It needed an agency that could showcase its expertise in a socially-driven ecosystem and a long-term partnership with the brand. Rothco was the agency responsible for the White Claw's campaigns since 2016. But after a global pitch process, White Claw decided to move on to another agency. VCCP will now lead the brief in all of the agency's key markets, including the UK, US, Australia, and Australia. This follows a lengthy relationship between the two companies. The Observatory International delivered a thorough and agile selection process. Once the agency has been chosen, both agencies will continue to work together. The White Claw team is small, innovative, and highly innovative. They wanted to partner with an agency that could help them establish a presence in Europe and grow the brand. The agency should be able to demonstrate its ability to deliver a socially-driven ecosystem. In addition, it should be able to build a long-term relationship with the client. After the first few meetings, the agency is now working with Accenture Interactive in London. The White Claw agency has been a key partner to Accenture and has built a successful brand in the US. The company's creative and disruptive approach has helped the brand to grow as a major player in the US. It has also expanded internationally, with plans to expand its operations in Europe and abroad in 2020. In order to find the right creative agency, White Claw has appointed VCCP. This creative agency is based in London. White Claw is a leading hard-seltzer brand in the US. Its marketing strategy is disruptive. It engages consumers through 360-degree approaches. It is also a socially-driven agency. With its new branding, the company is launching in Europe. The White Claw team is looking for an agency that is a long-term partner in the US and Europe. The new partnership with VCCP is beneficial for both companies. VCCP is the new agency that will lead the global creative campaigns for White Claw. It replaces Rothco, which is part of Accenture Interactive. VCCP will lead the campaign brief in White Claw's key markets including the US, UK, and Australia. The agencies will continue to work with each other. The new partnership is a strategic move for both sides. After a successful initial pitch, the agency will work with the Accenture Interactive team to create the UK and European market's advertising strategies. The White Claw agency has grown in popularity through viral videos and memes. The agency's new website educates consumers on the category and the White Claw brand with animations is aimed at building brand awareness in Europe. The campaign will be part of the brand's overall evolution. Its new website will be the main hub of communication with consumers. Its team is looking for an agency that can work across different markets. The brand is a global company and its website is gender-neutral, which makes it more appealing to consumers. While the agency isn't currently hiring a new creative agency, it has made several hires over the past year. The agency has hired VCCP to develop global creative campaigns. The agency will replace Rothco, which was part of Accenture Interactive. The firm's VCCP creative team will take on the global brief for the agency. Although the agency has teamed up with VCCP, the company will still work with Accenture Interactive to retain the brand's global position!