Madden 22's updated Player Scouting feature was delayed. It was originally planned to launch with Mut 22 coins the September title update, EA has updated its timeline, confirming a new mid-October release date for the much sought-after feature.

EA just stated that they need extra time to make sure that the scouting is finished. This is a major loss to the fans who waited since August to get their Franchise started with the new Scouting. Since the players will have to restart their franchise should they wish to use the new scouting model, some have waited for the new scouting to start. It's also possible to keep your franchise's tradition and scouting.

In addition, in the extended soundtrack, there are nearly 50 songs which appear on the track list, featuring Drake, J. Cole and more.

The game includes eleven created-for-"Madden" tracks on the main soundtrack. It includes Jack Harlow, Morray and Mut 22 coins JID. But, "Madden 22", which has more than 50 tracks is part of "The Yard".