According to the latest news, the FIFA Ultimate Team Freeze promo will return to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The FUT Freeze promo was successfully launched in FIFA 21 as a replacement for the popular Futmas Promo, which means that Futmas promo will be absent from FIFA for one year. However, before the winter-themed promotional film returns to FIFA 22, it is speculated that the entire frozen team has been leaked on social media.

The FUT Freeze promo includes players who accept position changes and a series of corresponding statistical upgrades. Some of the highlights in the FIFA 21 promo are ST Sadio Mane, LM Macro Verratti and LB Adama Traore. Freeze is a replacement for Futmas Promo and contains special themed player items that will receive FIFA 22 Coins statistics on location changes and permanent upgrades to make them more suitable for new locations.

This provides an exciting new perspective for FIFA players to build the ultimate team. During the last Freeze promotion, the two teams released a total of 30 players, including daily SBC for 14 consecutive days. Since the promotion has not yet been confirmed by EA, this early leak continues in FUT Freeze. FIFA content creators on social media claim to have the full list of players in the first version, including some big-name players set as features.

As the group stage team promotion is about to end, this means that the new frozen promotion will be launched on FUT 22 at 18:00 on Friday, December 10th, GMT. In FIFA 21, the Freeze promo starts on December 11, 2020 and ends on December 30, 2020, and lasts for a total of 19 days. In previous FIFA FUTMAS promos, the event is often on the second day of December. Start on every or third Friday.

Moreover, during the FIFA 21 Freeze promotion period, not only a special theme Freeze card was released, but also the road to the third team of the finals was released, but there is no guarantee that something similar will Buy FIFA 22 Coins appear in the upcoming FIFA winter promotion. If players lack FIFA 22 Coins to buy the player cards they want, they can visit UTnice. They have very cheap FUT 22 Coins and deliver them quickly.