NBA 2K Coins modes are largely unchanged from last year's version, which isn't such it's a problem since many of those modes were exclusive to the new NBA 2K21 version. Alongside MyCareer, MyTeam and MyNBA modes, the W returns, featuring an independent career mode that revolves on the WNBA.

Regarding the classic MyCareer, players will be glad to know it's now possible to play in both MyCareer and MyPark/Neighbourhood options have been amalgamated into one MyCareer mode that includes an upgraded version of the previous year's City. Although The City is essentially a larger and more detailed neighborhood it is packed with attractions and activities to do.

This year's inclusion of four factions that you can choose from and play against is an excellent addition but never goes further than the initial choice to pick one of them with the MyPark/Neighbourhood option to remain largely the same. The new MyCareer mode remains the largest upgrade to NBA 2K22 in that your player, referred to as MP (which is, if you believe in it means 'My Player') builds an NBA career and brand empire.

The process itself is well-organized, but it's overall variety and detail that will draw most newcomers to. The MP you choose to use will be in close alignment with your longtime partner and brand management Ricky when you choose agents, deal with online scandals and expand your MyCareer beyond the confines of the court and the game of basketball. You want to be an expert in fashion? You got it. Want to follow in the footsteps of "Dame Dolla" and get started on a rap career?

All of it is available in NBA 2K22. Although these activities don't often go beyond a handful of fetch quests and silly cutscenes This is a good addition given many of the conversations and choices are about life outside of the NBA and what it means to be more than only an athlete.

However, being a Buy 2K MT famous person can bring more consequence of your choices. It's not necessary to partake in any of these, as you are able to just go across match after game in search of greater stats while you gain more MP, but I do appreciate this sense of depth diversity and scope.