One of the maximum visited cathedrals in France is the Notre Dame de Paris, located on the banks of the Seine and one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. The stained glass home windows and sculptures of this building, with a aggregate of Romanesque architectural style, create an exquisite contrast. The stained glass home windows of the church depict the legend of Saint Geneviève, the purchaser saint of Paris. Chartres Cathedral is one of the few fantastic representatives of this artwork form, and its stained glass windows are the various oldest in France. This cathedral become one of the primary assets of look at for historians and has in no way lost its wonder. Why? That is because of the charter water, that may most effective be found here and some restricted specimens made later. For historians, this spectrum of blue is still a big thriller. The structure of the church changed into dedicated to the wishes of stained glass and it turned into additionally the first cathedral to use a good deal larger home windows. The splendor of the small Gothic church of Sainte Chapelle, built among 1239 and 1248, is admirable. The church became constructed by means of order of Louis IX to keep non secular antiquities, inclusive of the crown of thorns of Christ. The chapel has its very own style and the whole thing is elegant and brilliant. You may imagine its stunning colored home windows within the equal manner. They have taken up maximum of the wall floor and notably reduced the quantity of the stone walls. A number of them depict testimonies from the antique and New Testaments. The Church of Saint-Denis is taken into consideration by means of many to be the primary Gothic church to residence French kings from the tenth to the 18th centuries. Despite its long history, its stained glass windows display Gothic, Romance, and current styles. In this account, it need to be predicted that this church can also be of interest to artwork historians. The St. Dennis Rose Window was very creative in its day, representing gospel scenes in a specific way. The “St. Peter’s Cathedral” in Beauvais never ended. The architect desired to build the tallest church inside the thirteenth century, and he did, but because the building remained unfinished, it become now not considered. From the out of doors, the constructing seems greater complicated. Internal, the primary concept of colored windows is slightly laid low with the extra assisting structures. Notre Dame d’Amiens Cathedral is the tallest cathedral in France, with a height of 42 meters. Regardless of the building’s splendor, lots of its original stained glass windows were destroyed, but another reason this church is special is the head of John the Baptist, that is kept right here. It’s not easy to look how many coloured home windows have changed over time, but you truely have some of the first-class examples.