The town is a mix of French and Mediterranean life. There's busy city life in this city, but nevertheless living in this metropolis may be enjoyable. In 2013, it became the primary French city to have fun same-sex weddings and is the second one-largest gay town in France after Paris. It's miles the biggest growing city in France, with a median age of 18 to 34 years old downtown. We are able to pay for the tourism melee and. The town is located 10 km from the Mediterranean Sea on the river Lez. The space among this city and the town of Marseille is 170 km. It's miles 242 km faraway from the metropolis of Toulouse. It is located 742 km from Paris. The best point of the town of Montpellier, that's positioned at a top of fifty seven meters, is called du Peyrou. The town is located between the 2 hills of Montpellier and Montpelliéret. France has always been a popular destination for maximum college students, and those who want to have a look at on this us of a must first understand the universities of French cities and choose the proper metropolis for them. The city of Montpellier is one of the pupil cities in France, in which 1 / 4 of the town’s populace is college students. The metropolis has three universities with 60,000 college students. Having 5 better engineering colleges and dozens of research institutes has multiplied the high-quality of schooling in this city. It is also known as the Royal square of Peru and has a mind-blowing Victory Arch. The location was designed with the aid of a man named Etienne Giral and his son. This constructing has a citadel-like look and at the back of this building, traffic can see the Roman aqueducts. There are many animals in this zoo, from giraffes to colourful lions and frogs. You do not need to shop for a ticket to go to this zoo and it's far loose, simplest the Amazon forest segment wishes a ticket. Unintentional walks within the vintage neighborhoods without a map can carry stunning attractions to site visitors, which include cobbled streets, small cafes, and exciting shops.