Reduce the peak from excessive to low and try and maintain the quantity of milk you add to the coffee the identical. Including fast will eliminate karma and slowing it down will lessen the froth of milk getting into the coffee. Then you could create a shape on your cup with the milk and froth. Or enhance it with chocolate. In case you pick to make coffee latte, you need to brew it very thick to accomplish that. If you like the milk of this warm drink to have a sweet flavor, you can add a bit sugar to it.First, pour the boiled milk with its foam into a pitcher cup, then gently open the center of the milk foam with a small spoon, pour the espresso gently,The most delicious Cafe kit and pour a few milk foam on it again.Ask any barista about the name of the game to their coffee’s taste, he says, and a shot of precise espresso and nicely-steamed milk. The query that arises is what's steamed milk? Cafe Cate The maximum delicious steamed milk is really acquired from milk that has been exposed to high pressure steam with the aid of an coffee gadget.The steam progressively enters the milk till a microfoam is shaped it is able to appear simple to make this liquid,The maximum scrumptious Cafe kit but it calls for exercise, information of the technique, and pottery toes. In this text, we want to inform you about the method of steaming milk using an espresso system.Pour the milk into the pitcher step one is so simple; Pour the milk into the pitcher. The significance of this step is to look at the right amount of milk which you pour into the pitcher, now not handiest to make the first-rate steamed milk but additionally to pity the milk itself. Pour 1/2 a tumbler of milk, this is, until the floor of the milk reaches under the watery a part of the edge of the pitcher. The maximum delicious Cafe kit once you have the foam you want on your coffee, it’s time for the third step. You need extra foam to make cappuccino and much less foam to make latte. Stir tap SpinningThe 1/3 stage is called milk spinning.At this point, you dip the top of the steam pipe a touch extra into the valve, about half of a centimeter, in order that the valve starts to spin in a vortex form. Whilst the valve rotates at this degree, no whistling sound is heard and best the sound of small bubbles bursting thru the steam pipe may be heard. Inside the method of rotating the valve, the microfoam combines with the valve and the valve reveals a smooth and vivid surface. To make latte art on coffee, it's miles better that the temperature of the pitcher is decrease, about 50 tiers.Turn on the faucet relaxation and varnish when the milk is ready, lightly push the pitcher to the edge of the desk to take away the large bubbles, then add the espresso shot to the milk. Before pouring the espresso, turn the milk into a tumbler to ensure that the milk and microfoam aren't separated and that the milk is bright sufficient.