A referencing style shows the quality of work and further details the primary sources. It provides the sources from where information is gathered on the subject. It is important to have accurate citation as every submitted academic manuscript is checked before getting accepted for publication. Following the CEDAR Assignment Help or the preferred referencing style guide will help you survive reviewing with less criticism. Positive feedback is important along with attention to every detail.

  1. Understand the basics:

 There is a set of rules which Chemical Engineering Assignment Help providers follow while creating a reference.  Reference list should be in alphabetical order and provided at the end of the assignment. It should be inclusive of everything except for personal communication. Citing the right amount is important – too many will make it difficult to read while too few will lead to plagiarism. Confidential information and objectionable information should not be mentioned. Brief citations – be it in the body of the text, footnotes, or as a signpost to the reference list, should be placed in accordance to the punctuation being used.

  1. Acknowledge the source materials:

In the academic process, there are issues concerning plagiarism that have the potential to compromise the integrity of the author. You should not try to copy, use or misuse other people’s ideas and concepts. When we do proper referencing there is no question of plagiarism as it helps acknowledge the source material and the actual author. Cheap Essay Writing Service providers adhere to the above mandates.

  1. Use proper references

Try to reference correctly, and bring forward appropriately which ideas are your own and which are someone else’s. For all the ideas mentioned provide sufficient evidence. Let others easily identify the sources being used by you. Maintain academic integrity throughout. Citing the original author brings clarity to the grader. If you face any issue, get Real Estate Assignment Help to resolve the problem.

  1. Revise references at the end                                                                                                         

Proofreading a draft before submission helps in correcting mistakes. One should be logical while referencing, and avoid errors. Revising accurately and comprehensively is one of the important factors in academics.  Even if you are writing a CDR for Engineers Australia, it should have a unique set of rules for formatting, in-text citation, and listing the reference entries.

If you are new to academic writing, follow the tips mentioned above to make your reference more concrete. Different academic disciplines follow particular referencing/citation styles. So before choosing any particular style, for example Oxford referencing guide, it is suggested to stick to the rule book, or the one specifically mentioned for your assignment.

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