Successful weeks are behind Erzgebirge AUE. In the last six games you could get three wins and had to give yourself only the significantly better placed colon towns and rain bowers. It was very different on the Weber, where Welder Bremen had to deal with vaccines, positive Corona tests and the search for a new coach and could only a success in the same period. Nevertheless, the favorite role is on Friday (18.30 live! At Successful weeks) for Ages team boss Marc Hansel rather at the Hansestädter. The Bremen can put up a first league bid, he praises the squad of green-white.

unpredictable thing in Bremen

Nevertheless, it is an unpredictable thing, since Bremen the one or the other injury and disease to complain. However, failures are not too narrow to the Oregebirglers: Ogden Gnostic, Gaëtan Bushman, Nazi Ferrari, Florian Balls and Ben Polanski are all injured, while Clemens Heinrich continues to be blocked — as Hansel himself: The line is the Pavel. Ditches, ANM.d. Rred. ), but of course we are in contact so that we can change ourselves permanently during the game, explains Hansel's handling of his failure at a great opponent with a great stadium.

Prepare for this team was difficult for his team due to the new coach on the Weber. Werner has had a short period of time to get to know the team. We tried to consider all the eventualities, says Hansel, but the new man at the Bremen sideline does not expect a revolution: He represents a similar basic design of football as Markus start In addition, the Bremen stimulated first league professionals that can handle it and do not experience for the first time.

Use eventualities

ΥΜΝΟΣ ΕΡΤΖΓΚΕΜΠΙΡΓΚΕ ΑΟΥΕ / ANTHEM OF ERZGEBIRGE AUE / HYMNE ERZGEBIRGE AUE FC Nevertheless, in the restlessness of the recent past could also be a chance for his manhood: We hope that maybe not everything has been recorded yet. Then we will try one to two percent, which may — if any — still missing, among all To use circumstances.

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