Owing to the speed at which the internet industry is continuing to grow manifolds, the businesses worldwide are realizing the importance of shifting their marketing modes to the online ones. Now, the traditional marketing methods are mostly used towards the end of the sales funnel. Gone are the days when brands used to invest heaps in print media and to hire a large team of sales professionals. Today, the online ads ecosystem can easily take care of every business' multiple marketing objectives like awareness, consideration, and conversions.

Pay-Per-Click advertising, popularly termed as PPC is the online marketing model where advertisers create and customize ads campaigns to do anything - from improving brand identity to persuading the potential online customers to improve sales.

Popular platforms across the internet - search engines like Google and Bing, and social media platforms like Face book, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer their separate and Best PPC Services that you can leverage to run custom ad campaigns based on your budget, ad objectives, target audiences, and other essential metrics.

5 PPC Practices For Optimizing Ad Campaigns

In this article, we will discuss the five essential PPC practices that should be on every online marketer's list to ensure that their ad campaigns stay optimized at all times.

1.Target long-tail keywords

2.Relevant ad copy

3.Timing of your ads

4.Strategic bidding

5.Monitor invalid clicks

Let's discuss each of these points in detail -

1.Target long-tail keywords

This is not a new PPC optimization tip, but it is undoubtedly prevalent even today. Because the users narrow down their search using long-tail keywords and phrases, if you run your ad campaigns by focusing on these long-tail keywords to target specific stages of the funnel - you will be boosting your conversions at least by 10%.

  1. Relevant ad copy

No matter how optimized your ad campaign is, if your ad copy does not convey a clear message to your potential audience, you will not receive the desired results. As cliche as it may sound, content still is the ultimate king. Your ad copy must say the right things, catch and hold the attention of your target audience, and encourage them to well… convert into your paying customers.

Best practices include a lot of don'ts like cramming in a lot of keywords, using complicated terminologies, making outrageous guarantees and claims, and more.

Make sure to keep your ad copies short and crisp, limit the character word count, and convey a simple message and CTA across.

  1. Timing of your ads

Are your ad campaigns running 24/7? If yes, it must be costing you a lot of ad investment. Not targeting specific timings of the day for running ads is straight-up flushing down heaps of money down the drain. Based on your niche and industry, your potential customers purchasing and research patterns, work out an optimum time to show your ads. Scale back your ad bids for the hours that are irrelevant for your business.

  1. Strategic bidding

Major PPC platforms like that of Facebook and Google offer a wide variety of bidding strategies (automated and manual) that you can use to set the right bid. Below are some of the most used, popular bidding strategies -

CPC/CPV (Cost per click/view) - Ideal if you want to be charged a cost every time a viewer clicks or views your ads/videos.

CPM (Cost per impression) - ideal if you're going to be charged for every impression that your ad receives.

  1. Monitor invalid clicks

One thing that every PPC platform warns about is invalid clicks. Whichever industry you are operating in, your ad will likely be impacted by these "invalid clicks". Invalid clicks are the clicks on your paid advertisements that are not from a genuine prospect - it can be from your competitors.

As a PPC best practice, you must keep proper tabs on the sources and IP addresses of those clicks, track their behaviour and block those IP addresses to save yourself from paying huge sums of money for no real gain.


PPC platforms come packed with a wide variety of features, tips, tricks, and loopholes. This increases the risk factor of running ad campaigns because one wrong move can cost you a lot of money! This said, if you are just starting in the PPC ecosystem, it is better to take help from the Top PPC Company in Delhi that could help monitor all the essential metrics and bring you the results you desire.