Shower Faucets are the water valve of the tap water pipe. It opens or closes the bathroom device that controls the flow of hot and cold water through a rotating device. Advantages: safe and convenient. Disadvantages: bad spool is easy to be damaged and leaks. Shower faucets are mostly made of stainless steel, the color is modern, and the fashion is high. Choose the same stainless steel as the frame of the shower room, bathroom racks, and other bathroom products with the same color to match, and the wall tiles can also be visualized such as black. Colors with strong effects can enhance the modernity and fashion of the bathroom. Shower faucets are classified according to the installation method of Faucets: wall-mounted and in-wall shower faucets. Wall-mounted shower faucet: installed on the wall, the faucet body, water divider, connecting pillars, etc. all protrude from the wall. In-wall shower faucet: Only the handle protrudes from the wall, and most of the pipes and water dividers connecting the faucet are buried in the wall, which is invisible from the appearance. If you want to know more, please visit