Hallways and Rooms are getting more acclaim now. Which is that platform that is at the centre of all this? It is Clubhouse. Alpha Exploration Co launched the drop-in audio platform in April last year.

Factors like loneliness amongst people and the need for an alternative to multimedia propelled its rise. Entrepreneurs can also take the pole position in the social media space with a Clubhouse clone

Why are Replays the special feature of a Clubhouse Clone? 

·       Hosts of open, social, and closed rooms have a new option in their hands. Which is that? It is Replays. Once a person creates a voice-based discussion on Clubhouse, creators can record certain parts of the interaction. 

·       The ones who miss out on the session can later listen to the recording. Wonder how? They can download the recording, save it on their devices, and hear voice content an unlimited number of times. 

·       Who will give permission for recording the audio room? The hosts and moderators of rooms will decide that. Where can the content be shared? Netizens can circulate it across instant messaging apps and social media platforms. Besides that, users can also include it in their posts, stories, videos, and other updates. 

·       Cyber surfers also get benefits like flexible switching on and off the replays button, quick switching from one speaker to another, and real-time information about the number of active listeners and the total number of people in a room at a time. 


Aiming to overpower your rivals in the social media space? Develop a Clubhouse clone platform by getting in touch with a top-notch app creation enterprise soon.