When the men's events of the Judo game debuted in Seoul in 1988, it was the first Asian-originated sport to be featured in the Paralympic Games. In the men's up to 60kg category, Simon Jackson of the United Kingdom won the first gold medal.

The Athens 2004 schedule now includes six women's events. When Karima Medjeded of France won the up to 48kg weight class, she became the first female Paralympic champion.

Judokas are not penalised unless they leave the mat on purpose in the para judo sport. When athletes get close to the edge, the referee will yell 'jogai' to help direct them.

Between Atlanta in 1996 and Beijing in 2008, Antonio Tenorio of Brazil is the most decorated athlete, having won four consecutive gold medals in the men's over 100kg event. At London in 2012 and Rio in 2016, Tenorio added a bronze and a silver medal to his collection.

With 12 gold medals and 30 medals overall, Japan, the birthplace of judo, is unsurprisingly the most successful country at the Paralympics. Satoshi Fujimoto is the most decorated judoka in Japan, with five Paralympic medals, three of them gold.

Tokyo 2020 will be held at the Nippon Budokan, a renowned Japanese martial arts facility. The Budokan was built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics judo tournament, hence its name, which translates to "Martial Arts Hall" in English. Every year, the Budokan hosts national championships in a variety of martial arts disciplines (kendo, karate, aikido, and so on).

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