What I want you to do instead I want you to adopt the principle of immediate direct explosive that could be right to his groin that could be into your other hand thrusting into his uh this thin fascia of metal that keeps your guts in or not metal muscle right you're just sticking it right through there just like a law enforcement a police officer in riot gear next to all of the other police officers there's a bunch of thugs coming against the police line rioters or Dynamo Walking Cane whatever they're not going to do anything fancy they're not going to be trying to block they're not going to parry they're going to stick people on the ground as fast as humanly possible that's what I want you to think of being immediate direct and explosive keep it simple the reason why you cannot defend yourself with the cane is you might be practising techniques that require great timing and the distance great understanding of balance great coordination with your body good understanding of technique memorizing complex techniques.


Which are all fun that's all great in the realm and the world of the esoteric and the aesthetic in the martial arts learn that and keep it simple when it comes to self-defense make a separation in your mind this is what i do for self defense this is the fun stuff that i'm learning from my martial arts and understand that you can do both and both are both have a lot of value right there's nothing wrong with learning the martial arts the ancient martial arts the beauty the the style it's martial art because it has those two words for a reason it's marshall means fighting means war and art because it's artistic and there's there's aesthetics and there's all kinds of angles and and principles and processes and different types of combinations that you can do with your body that's kind of like a choreography like a beautiful dance like a ballet that's not self-defense self-defense is Walking Stick self-defense is get it in the other hand stick it so hard through his body that he wants to puke up his lunch and he doesn't he can't reach you with his knife right self-defense is stick it in lift this hand a little bit and go up into the neck fights over.


You win for good you know he pulls out that knife he pulls out the weapon you're not messing around you don't want to wait for him to come at you with a knife and sidestep and smash and leech in and put him on the ground and then put your knee on him and wait for the police to show up in the movies that work really really well however on the street when we do this in the dojo we do we're using the dojo training cane from cane masters we get this cane and we put the padding on and even with the pad you don't want to use the hard hickory and the oak canes unless you work with somebody who's got some good common sense and good self-control because these will go right through those pads and still break an arm so when you get out the rattan cane and then you start speeding on each other it's kind of like a collie or an escrima stick and.