One thing that lures the bettors toward pursuing sports betting is immense variety and money-making opportunities. Be it sport or bets; there is variety in nearly everything. This variety has its pros and cons. Some bettors tend to benefit significantly from the variety of bets offered by sports betting, whereas others might end up being baffled. 

As far as wagers are concerned, you have ample choices with you. In sports betting, you'll come across money lines, point spread, parlays, teasers, over/under, futures, and many other kinds of bets. For pursuing betting, you need to be familiar with all these kinds of bets to enhance your prospects of winning the bet. 

One such significant bet in sports betting is over/under, sometimes referred to as totals bet. You need to be aware of the ins and outs of over/under to place this wager. But many bettors lack the know-how to do so. If you also intend to know about what does over/under signify, then you have come to the right place. Let's help bettors understand over under betting

Over/under bets 

Bettors feel these bets to be complicated ones, but it is not so in reality. The thing is that these are quite different from the other kinds of wagers. Once you understand these bets, you'll enjoy placing these bets and winning money. 

Over/under bets are the second most popular kind of bet after Moneyline bets. You'll be surprised to know that these are the only bets which allow you to cheer for and against both teams when playing. Above all, these bets offer flexibility to the sports bettors, which other bets might not give. 

What do you mean by Over/under bets?  

An over/under bet is also known as totals bet. A total bet is a situation where you have to predict whether the outcome will be over or under a specific outcome. For instance, if the total no. of points scored by both the teams is above 165, then over-bet wins. Contrary to it, if the total comes out to be less than 165, then the under bet will win. 

This way, many sportsbooks will permit you to wager on how many goals or points are scored. You can also bet on over/under other outcomes if the sportsbooks allow you to do so. 

How to calculate the over/under payouts? 

Irrespective of the betting side you take, the majority of total bets are paid at -110. Whichever are left are paid out based on payout odds determined by the sportsbook. For instance, let us assume that the Utah Jazz is playing the Houston Rockets. Consequently, the odds might be as follows: 

Over 165.5 -110

Under 165.5 -110

As a result, the final scores of the game would be Jazz at 86 and Rockets at 84. You stand a chance to win 170 if you wager $100 on the over. 


Whenever pursuing over under betting, ensure to calculate its payout first and then go ahead with it. We hope this over/under betting has helped you to forge ahead of others in betting.