Another simple VC technique that 2K22 MT has been making waves within the community of 2K in the last few hours is an issue with the current generation courts. This glitch is specifically only on 10-k VC courts, however it can be used on any court you want to get a lower reward.

As demonstrated in the video by Geminus The main strategy is a court that is empty and a lot of coordination. Two teams load in and , as the player's name changes to white once all players are present, wait for five seconds , and then have one team of three players leave the game together.If you look on the web, you're bound to find a variety of "best My Career build" lists. They're great however, what you need to do is imagine the character you'd like to play and create your character in that manner. If you're not planning to compete against the top athletes on the field in The City, you'll be content with the build you pick.

Personally, we enjoy playing a tough defense (blocks are a little overpowered at this point) and creating our teammates and occasionally hitting a three whenever defenses fall off. This might not be the right choice your style, so you can play on the editing tool to discover something you enjoy. You'll have more fun this way.

One of the problems that many players face when they first start using MyCareer is that they aren't able to see the floor well enough to earn an "B" or better Teammate Rating. Because you're as a player with a low rating (unless you decide to spend money in Virtual Currency), you're only getting a few minutes.

There is a way around this, which gives you more chances to accumulate stats. Go to your settings and search for the Quarter Length option. You can set this to between 10 and 12 minutes, and you'll be able to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT Coins play longer than you can imagine what to do with. This will give you an enormous VC boost, which means you can improve your player faster.