Dribbling has always been the essence of NBA2king every generation of 2K basketball games. It is in "NBA 2K22", the "basic fancy dribble" as well as"signature fancy" dribble, "signature fancy dribble" are integrated into one. Its purpose is to create fancy movements and dynamic capture of luck.

Combining ball action will give each player an unique feel and rhythm when dribbling the ball giving players the ability to control the combination of actions, especially the signature moves of a large number of athletes, like James Harden's continuous crossover, Steph Curry's machine gun Players are able to control the dribble, KD's hesitation step and Luka's back and forth dribble!

In addition to this, the speed rocker featured on the new generation console was only used in the last episode is also in place when it is moved quickly so that a faster dribbling move can be made. There are over 50 fancy dribble combos to pick within the game.

Players can trigger the fast dribble combinations by pressing and speeding up while pulling up the stick to the right. This allows the player to swiftly eliminate the opposing player, and Develop different fancy dribbles that are pleasing to the eye!

For the Gameplay screen, you are able to Buy 2K MT Xbox clearly evaluate the new 2K22 on the stadium lighting, floor lighting effects, and the interactions between fans as well as reserve player and the beauty of the players face, scars, tattoos, and beards are going to make significant improvements.