It is very essential to get prepared with certain survival tips before setting out on an overnight bus journey. Travelling by bus during the night is not at all uncomfortable (as thought to be), you might not get the super night sleep-yet they have some other advantages. Here I have shared my overnight bus journey experience while travelling from Udaipur to Jodhpur (my Rajasthan tour).

Taking a bus to travel for whole night passing through Indian roads can be quite an experience. The bus shall pass across many vibrant sights, towns, sample food at rest stops and meet many local people.

Just that before you embark on such a journey make sure to book bus tickets online from redbus as this saves time and you get tickets at discounted rates. Make sure to opt for a Volo Ac Sleeper while travelling from Udaipur to Jodhpur, it is relaxing and comes with friendly assistance while being on the go!

Kota to Jodhpur takes around 7 hours; I boarded the bus at around 9pm and reached Jodhpur at four in the morning. Whole night I was in the bus, they provided passengers with water bottles and gave refreshment stops too. Once the bus starts to move, you can just chill out, get little work done on your laptop, read a book, chat over the phone or get some sleep. No matter how much ever I travel, I love the fascination of falling asleep on a moving bus and waking up somewhere new (destination city).

Jodhpur which is also known as the Blue City popularly serves as a gateway to the famous Thar Desert. The beautiful city is home to several houses, temples as well as sweet and snack shops. Apart from this there are several shopping destinations here where you can lay your hands on beautiful handicrafts at dirt cheap rates if you are good at bargaining. Make sure to visit the Mehrangarh Fort which overlooks the beautiful city. The city has derived its name as the Blue City as it resembles that colour from an aerial view. Since most of the houses and walls here have been painted with the colour blue. Make sure to visit the Umaid Bhavan Palace which is also referred to as one of the best hotels of the world thanks to its historical value and best in class services and amenities.

Since it was dark outside and with the fact, I booked an AC Volvo Sleeper, most of the time I spent reading books, eating chocolates and sleeping. The interiors of the bus was clean and the AC was quite cold. I carried my own blanket and simply enjoyed my life for these seven hours on the wheels. Since I was taking a break, I love to travel solo; buses are always my best travel companion. They are cost effective and comfortable. The traffic outside is on the slower pace and the journey goes smooth than you can anticipate.