Your tyres being the toughest element of your vehicle can also ditch you sometimes, depending on their working status. If you own a car and drive yourself, you might be aware of all the safety measures and maintenance track are quite essential. If your fail at this, especially your tyres can ditch you anywhere anytime without even giving a red alert. Damages like punctures, tyre failure, and air pressure leaks are some of the most common scenarios taking place this day. And the only option left in such cases is tyre change. 

Although changing tyres is not a big deal, many motorists have learned this art with time and many still rely on mechanics. Every individual driving must learn to change tyres to help themselves if stuck in difficult situations. Getting your hands dirty while tyre change is necessary, you can do it in an easy manner with some hacks. You just have to be smart enough to perform every step with perfection because tyres are the most influential factor that can completely affect the motion of your vehicle in both positive and negative ways.

Even after performing Tyres Maidstone change, many drivers are not versed with the right method of changing tyres. The task of changing tyres can be extremely easy with certain tricks and hacks.

There are some points you must keep in mind while changing your tyre to make your task less hectic and sweaty.

  1. Remove the spare tyre along with the jack and hammer

The first step of changing tyres usually includes taking the tools out. While doing so, remove your spare tyre also, give it some air and let it rest for a while. Then you would need to unbolt the damaged tyre, removing tyres is a bit difficult, you won't be able to pull it out with cold or sweaty hands. The trick here is to improve your safety measures while changing tyres because scenarios of jack's balance and the car getting distancing are reported.

     2. You should look for the mounting mark

Modern cars come with mounting marks for making the task easier for the motorists since they are not professionals can make mistakes that might be dangerous. It is however seen that motorists fail to identify the marks and mount from different positions and this leads to mishappening in the middle of the road. Also ensure that whenever you are mounting or demounting your Churchill Tyres Maidstone, the surface of the riad must be flat so that vehicle does not lose its balance. When the vehicle is jacked on an uneven surface the chances of losing balance increase. Jack can slip or sink under the car's weight. Some of the safety measures are important to take care of.

      3. Loosen the bolt before you jack up the car

Unscrewing the bolts take so much effort and sudden jerks because they are originally tightened quite hard. When the vehicle is on a flat surface, you can give bolts jerks to loosen them and even stand on a spanner to unscrew them. However, it is not really safe to do this while the car is jacked up. Once you have loosed the bolts, jack the car up. This ensures the safety of your vehicle.

    4. Lift the car till the tyre is off the ground

You must jack up your vehicle until the tyres are off the ground completely. By doing so, it becomes easy for you to demount the tyre without any problems and aggressive motions. If you do not jack up the vehicle to a good height and the tyre touches the surface, removing the tyre can cause severe problems that might risk your and the vehicle's safety.