Right from the business giants to the little store, lots of e-commerce store owners are moving for the free open source e-commerce stands. The tools required to sell online don’t come affordable especially at the level of the business. However, making use of open-source software can remove about the fee of one month. Moreover, you’ll have better control over the online presence.

The popular carts now are open source services, comprising the most commonly -downloaded and used web stand on WooCommerce. If you decide to go with self-hosted e-commerce, then you will require good hosting; it is advised to have Cloudways optimized hosting.

If you have to go through the advanced skills and time to play with HTML, CSS, and even Ruby on Rails in the way of hanging out in the forums of code, you surely have the appropriate person for an open-source eCommerce stand. However, if you don’t have sufficient time, but you do have the money and wish to appoint somebody who can influence almost every perspective of the eCommerce website, you might also be concerned about an open-source eCommerce stand. 

For those who are looking for an eCommerce web portal, but not dedicated to the thought of open source, you should check the top eCommerce stand. You can better perform with a SaaS platform such as Wix or Shopify.

X Cart Ecommerce Platform

It is known as a solid open-source stand and the PHP shopping cart gives something you won’t discover in the freemium carts. It can be called a lifetime license. Created on the solid source code with a widespread set for the paid plans, X Cart gives hosted as well as self-install choices. OrthoticShop, O-cha.com, La Mer Collections, and Goat Milk Stuff are using X Cart.

Ecommerce Platform 

WooCommerce (WordPress)

Widely used by more than 40% of online stores, WooCommerce is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce solutions offered. Created with the assistance of the users to turn any WordPress website into an eCommerce store, the eCommerce solution was made by the equally renowned WooThemes. When we talk about the content, WooCommerce is the finest CMS for eCommerce.

Unluckily, as you begin searching at the highly difficult specifications with WooCommerce, you’ll notice a cost tag joined. The same applies to support. It comes in the shape of a shipped product for the right solution. On the other hand, the scales of WooCommerce make an attractive and frequent eCommerce platform option for large enterprises, although it simply works for small as well as medium shops. The top users of the platforms are Le Marzocco, Subaru, Airstream and New Balance, etc. 


Based on ASP.NET technology, nopCommerce is known as an open-source platform. It is providing market stand to more than 60,000 available stores. Moreover, the platform has been downloaded more than 3,000,000 times. With the presence of flexible architecture, it is simple to develop personalized functionality and follow any business needs. People who don’t have sufficient technical expertise can look for a pre-installed account.

The platform gives powerful sales and promotion tools made for both B2C and B2B including a multi-vendor or multi-store out-of-the-box. The platform is available to use just free of cost. You have to pay a fee to remove the “Powered by nopCommerce” link from the site footer. 

paGO Commerce

paGOCommerce is referred to as an open-source stand from the developers at ‘core PHP. paGO Commerce is primarily attentive to the Joomla ecosystem. It has some dominant tools sets including the paGO Quickpay for payments, robust coupon system, wide-ranging attribute system, very simple and clean single-page sign out for higher exchange among others. The developers will adore the platform's extendibility and how simple it is to create additions without any sort of hacks at the core. This platform is compliant with the PCI and targeted to standard to enterprise-level operations. It is an open-source commerce structure created with real-time support in the backend to assist the commerce requirements. 

Magento Community Edition

Having more than 200,000 users, the Magento Community Edition is called one of the open-source eCommerce platforms offered. However, it isn’t as strong as the Magento Open source Community Edition, the Magento Enterprise edition is still a good option for the eCommerce stores that are devoted to the idea of a free stand. The Magento Enterprise and Magento Community are widely used by Hello! Lucky, Brewshop (New Zealand), Hu2 (the UK, ships worldwide), Blik and Bonobos, etc. 

If you are interested in Open Source Customization Services, you can contact the team of professionals of open source. It would be better to talk about some advice and suggestions for a better outcome. Speak to an expert who is familiar with the points of your business. It will bring benefits to your business.