Do you know how the day-to-day processed food items that you consume are developed initially? Or from where the idea for the product came from? All of these are the outcomes of food formulation.

How to Formulate New Food Products, here are some Fundamentals of new product development:

  1. Generation and evaluation of ideas
  2. Market Research
  3. Product Specifications
  4. Development of a feasibility study (Financial & technical)
  5. Process Development
  6. Prototype Design and Testing
  7. Launch


A new food product takes an average of two years to develop. Food scientists, food engineers, and marketing professionals are part of a larger company’s product development team.

Food Research Lab has developed prolific, innovative new food products for our clients globally.

Using scientific discipline, Food Research Lab’s experienced food scientist team, culinary experts, nutritionists, and formulation consultants food and beverage products considering physical structure, health benefits where required, stability, shelf life, and all sensory attributes


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