In addition, on the expanded soundtrack, there are more than 50 songs which madden coins make an appearance on the list of tracks including Drake, J. Cole and more. The game contains 11 tracks which were specially designed especially for Madden. "Madden 22" though, features over 50 tracks in total included in "The Yard" mode in total.

'Madden NFL 22' review: The football franchise is finally moving in the right direction. Madden has been a top-selling video game franchise since its debut in 1988. Over the years, fans have witnessed football games such as "Tecmo Bowl,"" "NFL Blitz" and "NFL Street" get more attention. But there is no doubt that the "Madden" franchise is the most popular.

The cover of "Madden 22" shows the dynamic pairing of quarterback Tom Brady from Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. This is the first occasion that two players are featured on the cover of the "Madden" game since "Madden 10," when recent Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame inductee Troy Polamalu and former Arizona Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald were front and center.

It's also the second time in three years that Mahomes has appeared on the cover as the Chiefs signal caller was the model for "Madden 20." Earlier in August "Madden 22" was released for gaming consoles and there were some significant changes that it did have. This is definitely a welcomed moment, given that players have been asking for an overhaul regarding "Madden" in recent years.

Let's dive deep into the positives and negatives of the latest edition -- which I tried on Xbox One -- of the world's most popular football franchise. Franchise Mode: It is one of the most popular modes of the video game franchise has to offer and it's probably the one I play the most. Franchise mode has been through a lot of changes over its long history, but cheap Madden 22 coins not necessarily in a positive way.