As of October 23, 2021, it is a special day on the road of exile. This day is the eighth anniversary of the road of exile. To commemorate this special day. The 23rd specially launched the latest expansion and the Scourge Alliance. Many years ago, Chris Wilson, one of the founders of GGG, also conducted a one-on-one interview on this day.

The Scourge Alliance is one of many expansions in the path of exile. Comes with a built-in timer to process its content. The mechanism depends on the player needing a lot of killing to enter the natural disaster area. To further enter the deeper area, players can choose Buy Path of Exile Currency in advance to prepare for the battle. Once entered, the timer will start. This naturally promotes a style of play, which is to move quickly through the area. At the same time, destroy as many monsters as possible in a short time.

Path of Exile needs a clear speed element to play the most role in the game. Of course, the clear speed element is not unique to Path of Exile. The road of exile belongs to the ARPG game system. As a whole, ARPG has been cultivating and establishing the strongest roles. Gain loot by farming to become stronger. To maximize the results.

Therefore, while GGG has been considering changing things in a way that eliminates the timer and allows players to eliminate the urge to destroy each enemy within a few seconds, it is also a challenge from a game development and balance point of view. From the player's point of view, the player visits the website to select the service. Then the player chooses Buy Path of Exile Currency to challenge the internal elimination mechanism of the game. The new alliance of the final Path of Exile promotes the same clear speed meta that has been discussed internally and with the community for many years, and it is also general to the derivative factors related to game identity and ARPG.