Dua Lipa is a native of Ghana. She is best known for her stage name, Dua Lipa, a reference to the lyrics of a popular American hip-hop song by the same name. Born as Dua Likon Doe in Ghana, she was raised in the United States and was initially a fan of R&B singer Will Smith.

Following her move to England, where she began studying classical music, Dua Lipa made a name for herself as a pop star. After two albums that reached Number One in the US and one in the UK, she decided it was time to make an impact on Africa. On Being Erica, a talk show on which she spoke out about being a single girl in London, she stated "I'm ready to be the next big thing...the next Dua Lipa." Since then, Lipa has been making waves in the world of music, playing on both British and American television and creating a loyal following in the United Kingdom and Africa.

The singles Dua Lipa released so far have done little to slow down her fans' anticipation or answer the question of when she will become the next big thing. Her first single, Zou, received a warm welcome from critics worldwide and gained her several awards including the Video Music Awards' Best Song Award. This was followed by the single Dua Lipa, which features vocals from both Zoui andante Mensa.

To assist fans in seeing Dua Lipa perform live, her new single Happy was released in late 2010. The single has received positive responses from both fans and critics alike. Aside from her singles, Dua Lipa will be seen on an African music talk show on ESPN this Thursday, April 4th. The talk show will air exclusively on Al Jazeera America. When the show does air, you can expect more Dua Lipa news from both her fans and from people in the music industry.

As mentioned previously, Dua Lipa has been receiving a lot of attention from both her fans and those in the music industry. She recently opened for M.I.A. at the O2 Arena in London and performed her song Happily. During her performance, she was joined on stage by fellow English singer-dancer-actor, Justin Timberlake. The two seemed to have a great rapport on stage and their relationship will no doubt continue to blossom in the years to come. Expect a lot more performances by both Dua Lipa and Justin Timberlake in the months to come, as they continue to build their reputation as one of the biggest up-and-coming talents in the UK and beyond.

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