An ATS tracking system is not only just about tracking, filtering, and ranking. Listed below includes some of the eye-opening benefits of an applicant tracking system that you must check out if you want to optimize your hiring process!



1. Pulls out the best fit 

As said earlier, an ATS recruitment tracker automatically sorts resumes based on recruiters’ criteria using ML algorithms. Hence, HRs no longer need to spend their time cross-checking thousands of resumes in their mailboxes. Since job applicant tracking software automatically completes the process with accuracy and perfection!


2. Hiring process automation

Starting from developing JDs to replying to selected candidates and other administrative tasks, HR teams no longer need to put their precious time behind time-consuming operations. Since an HR ATS recruitment tracker accomplishes all these tasks with the power of automation. 


3. Time-to-hire increment

According to a GetApp report, 86% of ATS software users have seen an increment in the speed they take to hire candidates. This also helps to reduce hiring costs!


4. Easy resume tracking 

Rather than congesting mailboxes, recruiters can store and access categorized candidate information from the secured cloud servers. Moreover, these cloud servers protect candidate and organizational data from data breaches, hacking, and other cybercriminal activities. Hence, recruiters can easily select the resume they are looking for using the filter option on the applicant tracking system software. 


5. Performance and data analytics

ATS applicant tracking system also provides actionable predictive performance insights using data analytics. Hence, recruiters can identify loopholes in the recruitment process and take action against it in real-time. 


6. Intensified communication 

Recruiters can easily share their feedback on an interview with other members of the recruiting team using an ATS applicant tracking system. An applicant management software offers the option to make and share notes and ratings manually for enhanced communication. 


7. Enhanced applicant experience 

With elevated branding career pages, an online professional page-based application process, and automated instruction and support, applicants get an enhanced experience. Moreover, candidates can appear for their interviews right from their phones. Since applicant tracking system software is mobile-friendly. Moreover, many HR ATS recruitment trackers support multiple languages for effective understanding and a stramlined recruitment process. 


8. Reduces hiring costs 

Organizations usually spend around $1857 to hire someone new for this job. Due to the reduction of hiring time using automation, job applicant tracking software recruiters can save this and above!

Hence, automate your job applicant tracking to enhance recruitment workflows and cut down costs with Birbal! Ring us up today for having an advanced experience.