I was just an teen at the OSRS GP time and was eager to play the game runescape. I completed the tutorial on the island with only two coins. .

I was serious about my job as an adventurer. I was prepared to take on the world with my wooden shield, bronze sword, and every other object that was in my path. Smithing and mine were my favourite abilities at the time. I wanted to make full-iron armor and was excited to learn more about the various colors (mithril lol). So where did you learn about running games and what are your suggestions? Sal's Realm of Runescape is the best! These years have seen many changes to runescape... and, unfortunately, many of them were not very good.

I disliked the bot nuke day's devastation Dungeoneering was not my thing I also did not like the fact that I could no longer earn money by selling armor in exchange. Although all these issues were very troubling, I was forced to leave because of two reasons.

Jagex was a shambles with customer support... it's like they didn't even take into account that I was duped. Jagex created the initial idea to bring back runescape 2007 as a solution instead of fixing the game.

Runescape has changed significantly in 2 years. I'd love to come back, but I have been so busy with university senior year that I don’t have the time. While many of the problems mentioned above still exist, I will forever be grateful for the wonderful memories that this sport has brought me.

I can't forget the defeat of Elvarg in Dragon Slayer. How could I forget The Chosen Commander when I completed it? There were so many amazing quests that I could name! Although I doubt I will return anytime soon This community will continue to exist for many years to come. Thanks for the support Runescape and Thank you Sal for the guides!

Hello all! JagexHQ has rs 2007 gold been following the Ironman Challenge rise in popularity. We have loved seeing the athletes complete the challenge through youtube streams and videos.