Prior to returning even I was speaking badly about rs07 fire cape service EOC, though I had never played it! This is the story for many other players, regardless of whether or not they admit it. Because this kind of thing can really have a huge snowball effect. While some might argue that micro-transactions are a major issue in Runescape however, they are actually keeping the company afloat. It is not mandatory. I find it's primarily newer players that seem to purchase stuff for real money, us vets know how to get stuff done in the traditional way.

07 has been a disappointing year. It reminds me more of the downturn in 2007 which I had initially high expectations for. While I am biased, my view is still relevant. The only thing I can hope for in 2007 is with a group or clan of good friends.

It's a nice community, I suppose. They seem to spend too much time and effort convincing people to update their platforms and not enough on considering the requirements of the platform; this is what I think.

Melee is the most effective combat style and has been so since the release of EoC, and persisted throughout the Global Combat Improvements. However, melee is the most effective combat style. Offensive, melee has the highest rate of damage against targets with infinite health... however, there's no targets with infinite health. The effectiveness of damage from melee is significantly affected by the length of time required to move toward new targets.

Melee is one of the most risky options defensively. Beside receiving the splash damage of multi-target attackers such as Vorago, Nex, and Beastmaster, melee allows very little or no maneuverability against ROTS spins and Araxxor's slashes. Melee provides protection to opponents who attack using melee or osrs inferno cape buy other methods.