Are you looking for the best movie streaming app? here we come with BeeTV APK 2.9.3, which is the best alternative of Terrarium TV, Cyberflix TV, Showbox. BeeTV comes with a clean user-friendly design, has lots of video data. We give you a direct download link and complete the installation process as per your device.


As we are experiencing the rise of technology, the entertainment industry to grow rapidly. With lots of contents produced daily people often get overwhelmed about what to watch and where to watch. As we all know we have now Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other streaming providers who are providing their contents on a subscription basis. However, we are left confused which streaming service to subscribe as they charge for their service. Well, what if we can get those contents for free? Yes, you heard it right introducing Download BeeTV APK. An app that provides movies and TV shows right on your fingertips.

Even though the app doesn’t store any videos or movies, it is a perfect video search tool that could instantly provide what you are looking for from the internet. It constantly crawls various movies and TV shows hosting websites and keeps track of all the information and any search performed is provided with instant results.


With BeeTV modular search app at your disposal, finding great movies and TV shows is quite easier and faster. So you can now stop wasting your time searching and indulge in watching all your favorite shows all the time. Currently, the app is made available only for Android Users. Since its release a few days back, the app has attracted a lot of attention among many internet users as it provides an easy and simple way to search for your favorite shows and movies. In this article, you’ll learn about how to download, install and use this app to enjoy all your favorite movies and shows.

What is BeeTV?

Over the decades, we’ve seen how our entertainment system has progressed. At the start, we’ve only been able to watch movies in theaters. Then came the television and suddenly entertainment was at every home. Back then, everyone was truly fascinated at how these screen boxes can air movies and tv shows that weren’t possible previously.

But as we got into the past few years, the existence of streaming platforms made watching T.V. became an old thing. Now, we can watch any movie or show we like on demand! Thanks to the success of streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu and many more, we’ve reached another technological advancement. This advancement allows us to get our money’s worth. Previously, cable subscriptions offer tons of channels that we don’t even use. And then we still pay a monthly subscription for those! In addition, we got busier as human beings. Making it impossible to watch our favorite movies and shows when they air on T.V. That’s why the existence of streaming platforms makes a huge impact to how we entertain ourselves today.

BeeTV Apk

Features of BeeTV APP

BeeTV has lots of features, just like fast streaming and the main feature is it has less numbers of ads, and a huge collection of movies and TV series

And with the BeeTV, you can not only watch all your favorite movies on your Android devices but also download with a single click

BeeTV is compatible with Android smartphones, Android TV Box, tablets, Amazon Firesticks, Fire TV, and Windows or Mac PC.

No Annoying Ads

Unlike other apps that come with annoying ads in between, the Bee TV APK app does have some ads, but it’s never annoying and disturbs you in any way while watching movies or TV shows. One of the main features of this app is the search feature. According to the development team, the search engine is an integral part of the site and a lot of thinking and effort has gone behind the development of the search functionality. The app can be mainly used to search through the internet to search for movies and TV shows that are hosted on various sites so that you don’t need to go through annoying websites with ads to watch movies.

Certainly nowadays a lot of sites that host movies and shows are filled with annoying ads scattered throughout the site that it is often difficult to search for your favorite movie or TV show. And even if you succeed in finding one, your movie viewing experience turns bitter with ads interpreting often between movies. And this is where Bee TV app comes to your rescue as it is a one-stop-shop to watch all popular movies and TV shows.