convey Animal Crossing;s unofficial franchise mascot Animal Crossing Bells Isabelle into the world of Resident Evil: "Jill is a fan", they claim. While I;m now not positive that;s authentic lore in line with Capcom, the mental photo of Jill Valentine chilling to Animal Crossing all through a few well-deserved down-time is undeniably an endearing one.

If this sounds like the crossover you didn;t understand you had been looking ahead to, you could download the mod through the Nexus Mods page. 

Resident Evil 2 Remake spawned quite a few ridiculous mods, so assume more of the identical this time. Most of them contain swapping out the character model of Mr X with a purpose to make him both a chunk much less or plenty extra intimidating—or, usually, a few unsettling combination of each. Popular efforts grew to become the Tyrant right into a exceptionally sinister Thomas the Tank Engine; iconic horror villain Pennywise the Clown; or the maximum frightening issue of all: just Mr X, however decked out in his notably revealing beachwear, thong and all.