F & B Industry is one of the major industrial sectors of India, employing millions of individuals. The industry generates high revenues but operates under high operational costs incurred as a result of handling edible raw materials. However, with the application of minor F & B Industry solutions the operational cost is significantly reduced. Minor Solutions to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs Clean Room Provision While mass-producing F and B companies are legally obliged to include Clean Rooms in their premises; most of the small-scale companies somehow exempt themselves from doing so, considering it a big investment. While it is true that Clean rooms do require considerable investment, they also usher in a slew of advantages - the most prominent of which is the reduced degradation rate of the edible material. Any raw material kept and processed inside cleanrooms is 25% slower to go ‘spoilt’ than the material which isn't kept and processed in clean rooms. Enhanced Observation Measures Observation is an integral part of process control. Without proper observation, the process has higher chances of malfunctioning. Several provisions are already made inside premises for proper observation, but few F & B Industry solutions can enhance it. One such solution is the deployment of VATSON’s Walkon ® Walkable False Ceiling, which can bear loads as high as 150 kg/sq. M - a provision that can result in un-obstructed monitoring of the containment vats, mixing vats, grain silos, machinery, and other sections. Proper observation can terminate unexpected breakdowns by ⅓, thus saving lakhs in the process. Cleaning Provisions The only way to control premature decay from foreign materials is to deploy a Clean Room. However, decay from the microorganism inside the facility - The harmful mold, the bacterias on rotting waste materials, the chemical discharges of machines, etc - can only be controlled by proper and periodic cleaning. Few accommodations, such as VATSON easy to clean sandwich panels - make cleaning the premises a much convenient affair. Vatson, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company with 26+ years of completing 100+ can be your ideal partner in implementing these changes. Vatson can effortlessly deliver Turnkey Clean Room Solutions for all stages of production. Vatson also provides easy to clean and maintain paneling solutions –Sandwich panels, Metallic Plates, Glass Sections, etc, and as an added plus, we can have them customized as per your requirement. We also provide Walkon® False Ceilings, with a Load Bearing Capacity of 150 Kg/ sq. m., for easy observation. For a consultation about F & B Industry Solutions, Email at Mail@watson.com or reach out by calling on +91-40-2779-5506. https://www.vatson.com/solution/f&b-industry-solutions