We only have one earth, and it’s basking in pollution. Air, Water, Land, Ocean, Mountains….all are jam-packed with pollution. Business owners and entrepreneurs know the importance of a healthy environment and few of them are actively adopting every possible Green building Solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and waste generated. Let us see how popular green building technologies can help make a difference. Green Building Solutions and their Impact Biodegradable Materials Biodegradable materials play a considerable role in land and River pollution. Biodegradable materials take less than a year to degrade thereby saving ‘clogging’ and ‘eutrophication’ in nearby waterbodies. Their shorter degrading period also means that fewer and fewer landfills are needed to store them. Biodegradable materials can also be used for Panelling; one such product being VATSON’s Rockwool (R) Building panels, which are up to 99% recyclable. Solar Power Solar Power is the most widely deployed Green building Solutions for energy in Industries. Not only it helps to keep the environment clean by limiting the carbon footprint of the premises, but also it can significantly reduce the power bills of the said premises. With the advancement of technology, solar panels are also becoming cheaper and cheaper; thus every business has more of an incentive to utilise one Natural Temperature Regulation HVAC systems are one of the major consumers of electricity in a facility. The sheer energy consumed by the AC units worldwide in a single month alone can power a small village continuously for 10 years! Modern technology has made it possible for several Green building Solutions to effectively reduce loads on the HVAC systems by maintaining the temperatures inside a facility. For example, VATSAON’s Duoroof ® Insulating Roofing Panels can be installed to reduce the heat percolation inside the facility. Apart from the Duoroof ® Insulating Roofing Panels, Vatson, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company having 26+ years of experience, also provides other Green Building Solutions for industrial use.The solutions used by Vatson are FM Global Approved, and we also help companies to achieve ‘Green Certifications’ such as LEED Certification, a leading certification for a sustainable enterprise. Apart from the green solutions, we also provide a majority of other industry solutions - Pharma Industry solutions, F & B industry Solutions, Fire Safety Solutions, Acoustic solutions, Walkon False Ceiling ®, and several others. Basically, If you have an industry, we have a solution for you. For a consultation or any query, Email at : Mail@watson.com or reach out by calling on +91-40-2779-5506. https://www.vatson.com/solution/green-building-solutions