Ridesharing Services connect people who need transportation to certain locations and places.  They are mostly smartphone, app based.   

Ridesharing offers numerous benefits to the community.  Let’s examine just a few of those advantages.

Less Discrimination

Research indicates that taxis and other transportation companies often hesitate to pick-up and even avoid minority and disabled individuals.  In addition, minority and disabled individuals often wait much longer for rides than white and abled body persons for scheduled rides.   Most ridesharing services specifically aim to eliminate these issues.  Many have also specifically stated that they will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.  

Enhanced Freedom 

The disabled, veterans, and some seniors have difficulties moving about.  Ridesharing services provides transportation to doctors and treatment facilities, but also to friends, family, parks, malls, museums, and other points of interest.  And, ridesharing allows individuals to socialize and enjoy riding along with others once again.  

Limited mobility often keeps seniors, veterans, and the disabled from enjoying delicious restaurant food.  Many ridesharing services Car sharing services deliver the food to them – including coffee and dessert (don’t worry able bodied people – ridesharing services will deliver the food to you, too).   Many ridesharing services will also deliver groceries and other necessities that such individuals may not be able to access on their own, especially when necessary.

Live Saving

Ridesharing services have successfully kept drunk drivers off the road.  More than 30% of ridesharing passengers state that they use ridesharing services to avoid driving intoxicated.  A United States study determined that ridesharing services decreased alcohol related traffic deaths by more than six percent.  


Ridesharing costs less than other transportation services and sharing a ride with other individuals even further cuts down costs.  

Lucky to Go

Lucky to Go is a smartphone, ridesharing app that offers ridesharing services in Victoria and ride share in Kelowna.  It is Victoria’s First Ride-Sharing and Pool Riding App.  Lucky to Go’s mission is to revolutionize conventional taxi hailing and ridesharing services for all British Columbia citizens.  Its app offers enhanced transparency, convenience, trust, and affordability.   

For your best ridesharing in Victoria, download Lucky to Go’s app on your smartphone from Google Play, Apple, or on your smartphone’s app store.   Here are additional tips for booking your rideshare.