How much money and time do we spend promoting our website. The purpose of an advertisement is to increase the sales, ROI and marketing of the website. Do we accomplish our goal? Certainly not, maximum site visitors who come to the website through this advertisement leave the website without making any purchases.

Advertising has two sides. One is you and the other is your customer. It is up to you how effectively you display your services or product in front of your site visitors. How do you connect your product to the need of your customers? Only your efforts will persuade the customer to purchase the service or product.

The content available on the website is not sufficient to fulfill the requirement of the customer as each visitor has his own requirement. Most visitors don't like waiting for an email to be answered or waiting for someone to pick up a phone call.

You can make your website interactive by adding a live chat software for website. It is very important to add a live chat software to your website which suits your requirement and results in better customer service and ROI. Live chat support on your website allows you to interact with your website visitors in real time. You can answer their question immediately.

Visitors really like when they get a quick answer to their query and your efforts convince the customer to buy the service or product from your website. By adding live chat on your website you will be able to understand the customer and also get acquainted with the need and requirements of the customer. This will set you apart from your competitors in the e-commerce industry.

Apart from instant customer support, there are many other benefits of adding live chat software to your website.

Real Time Monitoring: With live chat software, you can monitor your customer in real time as well it will give a brief about the keyword that your visitor entered to reach your website, referrer website The address through which customers visit your website, geolocation information, the web pages of your site the visitor has visited and the time he/she has spent on those pages and much more.

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Instant Leads: The visitors who click on the chat icon are highly interested in your service, you can offer your service immediately and convince them to buy the product online by paying or you can also take their details and follow up can send. Plus you can add a live chat link to your email signature and Google Ads!

Scalable: Live chat software providers allow you to add any number of chat operators as per your business needs.

Customer Feedback: You can also add a post chat survey form to evaluate the customer chatting experience or suggestions to improve your customer services.

No Language Barrier: Duvim Chat allows you to chat with your website visitors in their desired language. You can also customize the chatting window in a different look and language.

Support from Anywhere: With Duvim Live Chat software, you don't need to sit in the office to support your customers. You can support your website visitors from anywhere, even you can support customers from your iPhone.

Risk Free: Duvim Chat with also offers 1 year risk free no liability free trial with all features. You won't have to pay or pay a dime to provide your credit card information during the free trial. During the free trial you will have the chance to evaluate the service and the trial period to continue the service or not.