As a competitive activity, sports have several rules and regulations that must be followed. Sports are activities where the only or primary factor determining the game's outcome is the competitor's physical abilities. In general, sports are characterized as physical activities that are structured, competitive, trained, and fair.

Due to increased leisure time due to industrialization, people in both developed and developing countries can now participate in sporting events and attend them as spectators and participate in physical activities at a higher level. Mass media and global media increased the prevalence of the trends mentioned above even more. As a result of professionalism taking hold, sports became more popular, with sports fans able to tune in to professional players' games on the radio, television, and the Internet. Aside from that, it has become more common for people to take part in fitness and sports as a hobby.

Many games are performed to the audience despite being a form of enjoyment for the game's participants. A stadium, grounds, golf course, race track, or open road is where most professional sports are played for the benefit of the general public. Tickets for them are frequently available.

As rival broadcasters offer enormous sums for 'rights' to broadcast various sports, the game also attracts large TV or radio listeners. For example, Soccer's World Cup draws tens of millions of TV viewers worldwide, over 700 million for the 2006 finale. Likewise, this year's Super Bowl NFL championship game in the United States was one of the most widely seen shows on television in the year. Because of the enormous viewership, Super Bowl Sunday has become a national holiday in the United States. In 2007, advertisers paid $ 2.6 million for each 30-second spot during the game.

We'll tell you about some well-known games that have enthralled players all around the world today.