Many people associate breakfast with the hugely popular Punjabi staple – the humble paratha. And there are many reasons behind this rationale. It is not only a prevalent choice across homes. It is also considered one of the best Indian street food in Surrey. No wonder that it has spread its fan following beyond Punjab, to Canadian provinces like BC.

How to make the tasty paratha a worthy addition to your breakfast menu?

The desi paratha served at places like Paratha2pasta will have dollops of ghee and prepared with the freshest stuffing like mashed potatoes. Check their parathas menu in Surrey, and you will find a wide array of paratha dishes that will make you aware of the rumblings in your tummy. The best part is that these tasty delicacies can also be prepared in a way that they can be enjoyed without health worries.

Here are some ways how parathas can be prepared to be an everyday breakfast item -The use of refined flour (maida) decreases the health benefits of the parathas. Go for parathas that are made from whole wheat flour

-The use of sooji or rava (semolina) to prepare the dough too improves the health quotient of the tasty parathas.

-The stuffing can have a range of stuffing like potatoes and cabbages. Such additions make sure that the parathas can be served as a daily breakfast item.

-Some people also prefer high protein content in their breakfast. Parathas can help in such scenarios. The stuffing can comprise of tofu, paneer (cottage cheese), or eggs. Such additions will also increase the nourishment you get with the parathas

-Adding a small quantity of milk can keep the parathas soft for long. The milk is typically added at the time of preparing the dough for the paratha. Adding milk too makes the paratha more nutritious

Order succulent parathas today!

Making nutritious paratha does take culinary skills and patience. If you don’t have time to make lip-smacking parathas, then don’t worry. We are there to serve your needs. Go ahead! Order the freshly made paratha from Paratha2pasta, the best Indian street food joint in Surrey, and witness the happily dizzying aroma of warmth take you over.