Yes, there is the problem of RuneScape gold the vampire. However despite all the hype, I have yet to see any vampire that is a teenager. If there's really a vampire, he rarely if ever leaves his secluded mansion. The area is safe, with the exception of Runescape which is a risk. Therefore, I'm voting Draynor Village.

It is also possible to think about other villages and towns: Yanille (if you're a dog lover), Catherby (if you're an animal lover), Keldagrim.

RS is huge, as you can see from the map. There are way too many small villages and towns for me to mention all of them, so forgive me if you don't mind me mentioning your favorites. Even some POHs are bigger than some towns in size and features... It's an open-ended question here... What do you think? you?

Jagex's involvement in the game has grown dramatically. Laissez-Faire game development was the place where the mechanics and items were introduced into the game, and then not touched again for many years. Multiple mechanical problems led to the massive imbalance of Melee/Range/Mage combat styles and the skills becoming unprofitable. It's only been recently that Jagex begun to look seriously at game mechanics, and work to buy OSRS gold refine them.