When I was a young miner, I would remove my cape from the grinding of OSRS gold granite ores. This was a time that I was very proud to have it on; back then skillcapes are the standard. Even though the release of caps and milestone caps to celebrate achievements has increased the number of people who wear them, skillcapes really aren't any more unique. Skillcapes are only used when you're advancing. However, some skills require better capes (ardougne cape to zmi/thieving, ect). People are often considered a bit sexist for wearing these capes as they battle.

Do you think it's unfair to players with auras to have an advantage in dangerous PvP? Every combat aura, with the exception of those marked as not suitable for PvP (sharpshooter and knockout, or runic accuracy or friends in need), can be used in PvP that is dangerous.

Take a look at the following: Poison Purge can cure you for 68 seconds, or 168 seconds if you go to Zammy GWD. Invigorate - restores spec faster. Inspiration - restores spec faster. Vampirism – 5 percent healing for damage, is well-suited to soul split

Penance Prayer Restoration - 20% of the damage you have that was taken. This cancels the opponent's Smite effect or Divine's Prayer Drain. Berserker: +10% att and str (similar effect as an additional potion) and defense -50. It stacks with potions. If you have 1 def, the defence reduction effect is not applicable. Dark Magic - possible for slight damage when using mage. Ancestor spirits – potential for buy RuneScape gold additional revenge (not verified). Aegis: 10% reduction in damage. It stacks with soak, divine and ely.

Although I don't normally post anything about Runescape, I wanted to write about my experience with RS as an individual player or pker. I noticed that pkers bot a lot less frequently than normal players.