I guess with some further kinetic studies or computational studies this could be figured out but for the producer that's just something to consider if you have your standard methods to decarboxylate THC rich oil and you now have the CBD rich oil those methods will work you need longer Buy Terpenes or higher temperature so please keep that in mind you can't just take your SOPs and take them from one process to the next there are some stepping stones to always consider okay so can we enrich minor cannabinoids and yes we can it's an interesting and cool effect if minor cannabinoids are what we are going for CVG in this case or maybe a THC D that is a minor constituent of the plant we can enrich here as well so I've now shown you lots of result examples but like let's just overall think about this again of the consideration of the title Wells said controlling turkeys.


So when we think about terpenes how s the last studies have shown might actually be the best way of looking at strains it's not the name but the flavour that distinguishes the plant so I'm tokens are the flavour so when we go by a study on the Netherlands by Professor Hosaka he found that sativas or what is said to be a Sativa are rich in mono Turkey and in the curse of rich incest butter beans so now than for me comes the question as a True Terpenes extractor and I play with it and yes we can actually change due to the different solubilities of monoterpene supposed Sasquatch other beings we can change the ratio and so boldly stated I could take a Sativa flower and turn it into an India oil and I thought that was a cool effect I don't think that I can turn a Sour Diesel into a cookie or tangerine flavoured strain but at least we can tweak a little and I see this here not so much on the side of being able to customize strains.


But being able to correct for any small variance in the grow so if your indoor grow or greenhouse growing small variations from from harvest to harvest you can adjust or dampen it with the extraction okay so other extraction methods and see I made the mistake myself it's the separation methods if we think about Rossum and if we look at the recovery and that was the number that really really struck me was we are getting 72% recovery and I told you 80% is what we go for on co2 so this is a really high and efficient problem by inefficient process and again I like my mask so we use the same process of optimization for the rosin and we found some interesting or annoying results that yield and quality are negatively aligned so if you want a lot of yield you get a little quality out if you want good quality you don't get much yield so that might be a reason why it is such a Terpenes for sale connoisseur product but again we were able to play with temperature and pressure on the rosin or temperature time on our rosin press to optimize this we also looked at ice water harsh and while it looks very nice under the high potency at a concentrate we only got a 25 or so cover II so we have to now think what do you do with the material after the ice water hash separation can you can you use in a second process or can you optimize we have we've tried a little we haven't found much to optimize so we have to think of the secondary process but again think about this for your own flow for your own operation test your process throughout look at what's your starting material what's happening through the extraction what happened what is at the end have you extracted everything or not yes lots of analytics.