There are less than two weeks away from the release date of New World developed by Amazon Games Studios, and many players are fully preparing for this. As the most anticipated MMORPG by players in 2021, New World’s performance in all aspects is very commendable. And after the closed beta ended, the development team once again postponed the release time of the game to improve and fix some serious problems in the game, which made me want to come to the day when New World was released immediately.

In order to get a better gaming experience, I am also making some preparations. In fact, what I am most worried about is the shortage of coin in the game. This is the biggest problem for me. The main currency in the game is New World Coins. With more coin, you can buy new gear and other necessary items. Don’t know how to earn New World Coins? I have summarized some methods. I have used these methods to earn TBC Classic Gold in Burning Crusade Classic a few months ago. I believe they can do the same in New World and can help you.

Collect all the loot and sell the items that may be useful to other players through the Trading Post. In fact, after you understand the items that players need most, you can create a lot of wealth through this method. Because players are short of resources at the beginning, when they lack specific items, they usually buy them to save time. It is foreseeable that the effect of this method will weaken as the content of the game continues to world PC coins for sale
Complete more quests and you will find that your coin getting more unknowingly. Although the number is small, most of the quests will provide some New World Coins as a reward. In addition, these quests are usually not difficult to complete, especially the tutorial quests. The coin rewards provided by quests will be the basis for you to make money in New World.

In the endgame, you need skills to make money. The most important trading skills are gathering and crafting, they will always be with you. In New World, most items with powerful buffs need to be crafted. In order to avoid your crafting skills level lagging behind other players, you should use all the methods to level the crafting skills up in the leveling process. The effort is worthwhile.
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