Enterprise Resource Planning system or ERP is a tool that helps in automating all the business processes and gives you the freedom to handle all the important functions from just one place. Using this software in the textile industry gives it a new name called the Best Apparel ERP system. This software is mainly used by the following:

1. Wholesalers

2. Retailers

3. Manufacturers

The textile industry is very popular and this software makes it more simple and fast with its important features. This software covers all the aspects of a textile business but some of the most important places where it is usually used are:

1. Material Sourcing

2. Manufacturing of clothing

3. Supply and Logistics

4. Development and design of the product

There are many ERP software that you can get easily from any ERP development company in India. But there are some points which you must consider before installing any ERP software for your business. De Box Globals’ Apparel ERP Software is one of the most trusted tools for the textile business. Let's see some of the functions you must check before choosing Apparel ERP software:

1. Multiple dashboards should be present in the software so each process can be completed on its particular dashboard. This will reduce the time of execution and also increases productivity.

2. Message and news options must be present for transmission of any information regarding the product/order from admin to all the user's divisions wise.

3. Inbuild email system helps receive all the queries of the clients all in one place. This will save your time from going to different mails like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

4. In the Best Apparel ERP software, you can also have a style dashboard that will allow you to see all the style preferences of each user in the same dashboard. The Task progress bar in this dashboard shows how many tasks are completed by the user. You can manage all your approval from a single screen.

5. This tool helps in product development. You can track all the processes from Buyer Techpack to Proto sample to style costing.

6. The order management function provides you to manage each order done by the customer. You can see styling, color and size availability, payment credit/outstanding from the customer, and many more.

7. There is a vendor section given separately in this software so you can manage all the vendors under one screen without any hassle.

8. Quick visibility to material requirements and inventory in warehouses or goods on-order can be viewed with merchandise option. You can track deliveries and shipments of PO orders and also the status of PO seller confirmation.

9. Plan your business model in this software like you can manage man-hours, track customer liabilities, manage order-specific components and material consumptions, etc.

10. Reporting is very good and easily understandable in this tool. You can create different types of reports like WIP style-wise reports, sample vs confirmed order reports, fabric tracking reports, employee performance reports, and many more.

These were some advantages of using Best Apparel ERP software. To order one for your business you can contact De Box Global Solutions.