AWS DevOps Competency Partners offer a breadth of solutions to simplify DevOps deployment in various spheres. These spheres include infrastructure creation, infrastructure management, application code deployment, software release automation, app monitoring, performance monitoring, reducing the time-to-market, and software development lifecycle optimization.

In today’s business landscape, the necessity for the above-mentioned support is immense. The following numbers sing a similar song.

  • As of Q2 2021, AWS has a 31% share in the global cloud infrastructure expenditure.
  • Last year, the revenue generated by AWS hit the $45 Billion
  • The Public Cloud SAAS revenue amounted up to $145.5 Billion.
  • The PAAS and IAAS counterparts of the Public Cloud amounted up to $80 Billion and $92 Billion

Competency Partners are a coterie with a proven track record of providing sustainable DevOps solutions particularly on the AWS cloud. Let us understand the competency categories in a little more depth.



  • CI/CD

These partners can fashion fast and definitive applications. They can also assist you to test and improve the quality of the application while significantly reducing the time-to-market. The continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline can be lubricated by the partners.


  • Analyzing

The performance of your infrastructure can be monitored, analyzed, and logged by the partners for significant improvements in real time.


  • Managing

Your infrastructure as code provision can be managed responsibly by these professionals. This includes the management of containers, application configuration, applications, and servers as well as operating systems.

So now that the categories of addressing have been laid out, it is time to glance at some benefits provided by the AWS DevOps Competency Partners.



  • Visibility: Your visibility among AWS field teams as well as customers can be optimized.
  • Go-to-market: Experience greater go-to-market support by being eligible to partake in co-branded campaigns.
  • Funds: Gain access to additional MDF and other discounts.
  • Promotion: Industry events can be turned into a promotional platform through the AWS sponsorship program.

We have touched upon the various categories of support that can be expected and the magnificent benefits of the same. Now let us get familiar with the various use cases.



  • Cloud management tools that include cloud governance and cost optimization along with appropriate allocation of resources. The global cloud management systems market is expected to reach $31.4 Billion by 2025.
  • Container competency to manage, secure, monitor, and deploy AWS workloads. This includes foundation partners, monitoring and security partners, and logging partners.
  • Data and analytics partners include analytics platforms, New/No SQL, data preparation, data integration, data visualization, governance, security, and business intelligence.
  • The DevOps partnership takes care of CI/CD, monitoring performance, and managing infrastructure as code.
  • The digital customer experience partner can take care of your content management, automation, and e-commerce activities. The customer experience management market will reach a valuation of $27.13 Billion by 2026.
  • The there are digital workplace competency partners for application management along with collaboration platforms and end point management.

We have only touched upon the most crucial use cases under this domain. The entire breadth is even larger. It includes high performance computing, internet of things, MSSP, machine learning, mainframe migration, migration, security, networking, mobile, and storage partners. Now with the use cases in sight, let us conclude this discussion.



The necessity of AWS Competency Partners is not bracketed within the AWS magnificence. The DevOps landscape is also taking giant leaps in the right direction to fuel this economy. Let us look at some numbers to accentuate this claim.

  • In 2018, the global DevOps market was at $3.62 Billion
  • By 2026, the market is expected to reach a value of $20.01 Billion.
  • The CAGR expected to be exhibited by the market during the forecast period is 7%.

The DevOps partnerships extends across industries. Some of the industries catered to include education, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, industrial software, retail, non-profit, travel and hospitality.

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