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When it comes to mistakes and errors with WordPress Theme Bundle, even the most difficult problems have a solution, so whatever the issue is with your WP theme bundle, you have a solution, so take a big breath and read on as we detail the steps you must take to get the support you need.

Here are 10 common issues and Errors  Users Face with WordPress Theme Bundle:

Missing Stylesheet Error
It's likely that the zip file you downloaded didn't contain a style.css file, but it's more likely that you failed to include the root theme folder in the upload. Open the theme's folder on your desktop.  In case your files aren't present when you open it, they are most likely in a sub-directory. The theme folder is usually titled the same as the theme and may be found in an identifiable location. Once you've discovered it, either zip it up and transfer it directly to WordPress or use FTP to submit the unzipped contents.

This theme upload problem may be found under Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme in your WordPress dashboard. When attempting to install a WordPress theme, you may see the following error: "The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet is missing from the theme." An error notice appears when you try to upload or activate the theme.

Unpleasing URL Struction: The default WordPress url structure is not all that "pleasing," plus is also very much less SEO-friendly. As a result, when you initially set up your website's URLs, they may appear unappealing . Let's not be concerned — it's simple to solve. If your urls ( weren't really appearing their best, then go to Settings > Permalinks. Here you can simply change your setting to the "Post Name" option.

Issues with Importing Sample Data:One of two factors generally causes the “failed” to import error. The first possibility is that it's attempting to load posts or taxonomies from custom post types that don't yet exist.Here you need to make sure that the theme you intend to use is active before continuing.

The Homepage Doesn't Match The Demo:What if after you enabled any theme, it didn't look as precisely like the demo? If you've installed a theme, but your site doesn't appear exactly like the theme demo, there are a few of fairly frequent causes for this.

The reading preferences have been configured incorrectly. Your theme either requires or doesn't require a home page to be defined, and your website is configured accordingly. As a solution, navigate to Settings > Reading and look for the choices under "Front Page Displays." Make sure this option is set to"Your newest articles" if your theme doesn't require any page templates for the homepage layout. If your theme makes use of a homepage template, make sure your site is set up to use a static home page.

404 Not Found Errors Keep Appearing After I Post:It's infuriating to see this notice (or any other problem message) when attempting to visit your site. Although it is possible that your post has been lost, the great majority of the time, there is a more harmless reason.

WordPress articles may produce 404 errors for a variety of reasons, including:

The URL was entered incorrectly.  Everything's possible, like there was an error in the URL, which would explain it. This is the most typical reason for the problem.It's possible there's a problem with your DNS configuration. There is a possibility that the changes haven't properly propagated if you modified your DNS information lately and are getting this issue. This procedure might take up to 48 hours to complete.Your website's permalink structure appears to be broken. A damaged or corrupted.htaccess file might generate a 404 error when it comes to permalinks. This might be due to difficulties with plugins and themes not working properly with WordPress. This issue stops users from accessing your site, thus it must be fixed as soon as possible.To get things right again, go to Settings > Permalinks and click the save button. This method usually works. When that doesn't succeed, you may have to manually update your.htaccess file .  The WordPress codex has further information on utilising permalinks in WordPress.

Error Fix for Missing Menus

Most WordPress users aren't going to be bothered by this, but if you're just getting started with WordPress you might be perplexed as to why your menu is blank after installing the theme.

Here’s the solution:
To ensure that your menus are operational, go to Appearance > Menu and configure your menu.A menu should be available. The alternative is that you'll have to come up with one.

Ensure that a location is allocated to the menu. Listed under "Display Locations" in your menu should be a list of all of the menu areas that are part of your theme. A few themes simply have a single primary menu place, while others offer a slew of options. Check the choice for where you want your menu to appear and click OK.

No Featured Images Error

Featured images were absent from WordPress prior to version 2.9.

Because WordPress didn't have (post thumbnails) support, many themes relied on meta settings or custom fields to provide featured pictures, or they didn't have any type of default post image at all. In Version 2.9, a new theme feature called Post Thumbnails was included. With Version 3.0, it was immediately renamed to "Featured Images." Images used to be known as Post Thumbnails; now they're called Featured Images.

This image's appearance is determined by the theme.  As a result, either you're upgrading to a new theme that supports featured pictures from an earlier one that didn't, or your previous theme was just really basic and didn't make use of them.

This may be done quickly with the help of a plugin, because you aren't going to spend hours going through all of your articles. The "Easy Add Thumbnail" plugin may be used to add featured pictures on older articles easily. To add photos to older articles, just run the plugin, activate it, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Remember to include your featured photos whenever you write new posts in the future.

Broken Slides, Toggles, Tabs Issue

Many WordPress themes today employ java-script/jQuery to enhance the themes, adding features like image sliders, tabs, mobile menus, as well as picture hovers, etc. A javascript problem is likely to be to blame if any of these features cease working on your theme, or stop working altogether. Start by disabling all plugins, clearing the cache (all of it), and reloading your site. That way, you may go back and reactivate your plugins one at a time until you find the problematic one.

To resolve the problem, either find another plugin with the same functionality that is compatible with your theme or contact the theme or plugin developer and inform them of the issue.

Missing Style Edits Error

When you basically , started adding custom CSS to your site or altering the stylesheet, and you reload your site, none of your modifications happen immediately!  Heres what you can do. Make sure your modifications are implemented by following these simple steps:

  • Using the theme customizer in WordPress, you should test if your changes take effect by clicking the Save button and reloading the page.
  • If your theme uses an image as its backdrop and you try to alter it in the WordPress background dashboard, you may run into problems. To see if it works, try replacing the existing picture with a new one. A 1px solid image will be uploaded instead.

Making Changes To The Theme That Have Been Erased Or Gone

When we make manual changes to the template file such as the file style.css, and you update your theme, then your manually edited files were overwritten simply by the default theme code. as a result making changes to an original theme is never an good idea.

Its unfortunate that whatever changes you had made are gone forever, provided, if you have backup for your own website where  you could simply use and restore. Fortunately there are some companies that basically offer website backups.

You can take steps to avoid running into it again. You should use one of the following in the future when editing your themes:
Plugin for customising CSS style sheets. Use a custom CSS plugin to make your changes and prevent them from being lost following a theme update if you only require a few tiny ones.

Make A Child's Room Theme. The easiest way to customise your theme is to create a child theme since it gives you the most freedom and even allows you to modify template files (in addition to style.css), delete scripts, and add custom functions.

WordPress is without a doubt the best platform for beginners to start their journey. Therefore it is quite natural to come across issues and blunders along the way. When working with Wordpress Theme bundle, there are few occasions when you encounter errors and mistakes. The article takes you through 10 common errors you could face when dealing with WordPress Theme Bundle.

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