Appliances are expensive.  And, because it cost a lot to ship their materials (aluminum, copper, steel), their costs are going to keep going up.  So, whether you desperately need a new appliance or are furnishing a second home or student apartment, you could easily spend a lot of money on just appliances.  Buying used or pre-owned could be the solution.  

By purchasing used or pre-owned appliances, you could easily find high quality ones for less than half the cost of new.  And, you could even stock an entire kitchen with just what a new refrigerator today costs.  

There are several places to which people go to purchase used or pre-owned appliances (Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, thrift stores, yard sales).  Many often get a decent price on a used or pre-owned appliance from these sources and suggest using them.  But, if you are considering also using these sources, be warned.  Be very warned.  You don’t know the seller - you aren’t totally sure about the appliance brand or model.  And, most importantly, the seller cannot offer you any warranty.  This is crucial.  A seller should offer you at least a thirty-day warranty to make sure the appliance works properly and efficiently, otherwise you didn’t receive a deal at all.   So what do you do?  

You should only purchase used or pre-owned appliances from stores that offer warranties.  Such as Blackapple Appliance.  

Blackapple Appliance

Blackapple Appliance, the premier used appliance dealer in Vancouver Island, offers high end used and pre-owned Appliances and Open Box New appliances at up to 50% off retail prices.  Blackapple is Vancouver Island’s only Scratch & Dent Appliance Dealer and the best refurbished appliance dealer in Vancouver Island.  

Blackapple specializes in used and pre-owned high-end Stainless Steel Appliances, including  refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, OTR Microwaves and Front load Washer/ Dryer sets.  Its trained and experienced professionals can help you design and build the kitchen or area of your dreams.  

Check its website for used appliances on sale.  

Certified technicians test every product and Blackapple offers a full, One-Year Warranty on every appliance.  

To learn more about Blackapple’s services, call 250-986-5854, or fill out its contact form and email it directly.