8 Types of Essays and their Requirements


Essays are widely categorized into eight major types. Each of these essays has different requirements regarding the writing style, structure of the essay, and the language used in it. An essay writer should be aware of write paper for me , in order to produce good quality essays.



The types of essays are further described below. 

  1. Expository Essays


Expository essays answer simple procedural questions in a detailed manner. They do not answer questions to take a stance rather just provide information. An alternate name for an expository essay is the definition essay because it defines a process. 


This type of essay requires you to know the process being explained or the question being asked. In case the essay is about a technical topic, the language will also be technical so that the process can be defined accurately. 

  1. Narrative Essays


As the name indicates, a narrative essay is the narration of a story or a personal experience. It can also be a biography or an autobiography. Narrative essays give the writer the space to be more creative in language and in describing the story’s events. One thing that should be focused on primarily while writing a narrative essay is that the order of the events should be kept intact. 

  1. Compare-Contrast Essays


In compare and contrast essays, the similarities and differences between two entities are described simultaneously. This type of essay has a different essay structure. 


The body of the essay is categorized into two parts. One part compares the two entities, thus describing their similarities. The other part contrasts them, thus describing their differences.

  1. Analytical Essays


An analytical essay requires you to analyze a certain topic. Analyzing a topic means describing its advantages and limitations. Based on the analysis, a logical conclusion is drawn about the topic. 


For example, an analytical essay can analyze the election of president XYZ, explaining the qualities and limitations of the president. It will further conclude whether XYZ will prove to be a good president or otherwise.  

  1. Descriptive Essays


The purpose of a descriptive essay is to describe an object or a subject through rough details. Descriptive essays differ from expository essays in that they do not describe a procedure. 


Descriptive essays are similar to narrative essays in language because they also allow the writer to get more creative. However, they both differ because the descriptive essays do not describe an entire story but a specific part or event of the story only.

  1. Cause and Effect Essays


A cause and effect essay describes the reasons behind the occurrence of something or describes the outcomes of an action. It answers the question about what leads something to happen. The structure of this essay is different from other essays. 


The body of the essay describes the causes and the subsequent effects in two separate sections. The chronological order of causes and effects is also of prime importance in this type of essay. 

  1. Argumentative Essays 


Argumentative essays are commonly known as persuasive essays. These essays require an affirmative or negative stance on the topic and persuade the reader to agree with your stance. It is done by providing logical arguments and pieces of evidence. 


The structure of an argumentative essay includes an introduction- describing your stance on the topic. The body of the essay consists of two parts. First is the thesis that describes your arguments with evidence. The second is the anti-thesis that describes the arguments of an opposing party. The conclusion of the essay draws a synthesis where you reaffirm your stance. 

  1. Critical Analysis Essays


A critical analysis essay is based on a previously written piece of literature. You take a piece of someone else’s writing and try to form an argument about what the writer tried to convey in the actual writing. You can also avail paper writing service .The best evidence for a critical analysis essay is the opinion of other literary writers in support of your stance. 


You can write different types of essays according to different types of topics. Each essay has a different structure or language, which should be understood and practiced to gain expertise in essay writing.